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Protecting and safeguarding ourselves, our families, our business - it’s what we’re called upon to do as leaders in life. We don’t want to risk our safety while we grasp these fundamentals but we all want the chance to get it right. With the REAL program, you can.

“Learn by doing” with our REAL Team as we take you through the building blocks to fortify your security, limit your exposure, and solidify your path to resiliency.

Do you want to be pushed past your comfort zone and pressure-tested so you can confidently maintain your focus in any high-stress situation?

Do you want to engage in training that allows you to leave with realistic and actionable plans you can put into place immediately?

Do you want to have a blast grasping the fundamentals of safety and defense alongside Subject Matter Experts who you’ll call teammates by the end?

If any - or all - of your answers are yes, then the Urban Survival program is for you.