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Have you ever thought "what if?”, but could not come up with a game plan that left you fully confident? You are not alone and that’s why we developed our Essentials Plus course. We add reality-based resilience training to the basic skills and experience you already possess. The controlled-risk scenarios in our courses provide you with clarity and confidence when it comes to "what if?”

We’ll walk through most likely scenarios right up to the most dangerous scenarios, breaking them down within our practical, actionable, tailored course offering. And better yet, you’ll have multiple responses and strategies to survive and thrive in the face of crises and challenges - taking you beyond that initial question of "what if" to reacting calmly knowing how to handle the situation.

Whether the challenges you face are big or small, you have an obligation to yourself, your family, and your business to be prepared and resilient. We’re here to bridge the gaps and get you out there where you belong - leading with confidence while possessing the ability to cope with a crisis and return to pre-crisis mode, quickly and efficiently.

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