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In an uncertain landscape, that comes toward you at 70+ mph, things can go wrong in a hurry. When faced with aggressive drivers, accidents, and obstacles, how prepared are you to be both offensive and defensive, while maintaining your composure so that whatever happens on the road stays on the road?

Building resilience is what our REAL experiences are all about. Resilience allows you to face a crisis, take action, and recover quickly. Whether driving at high speeds on wet roads during an emergency or getting your car stuck in a ditch with your family along for the ride - you’ll work through every process of overcoming challenges in our reality-based, stress-inducing driving scenarios. You’ll build intuitive driving skills, enhance your driver safety, and walk away with the confidence to rally when things go bad - feeling unstoppable while having a blast with our REAL Team riding shotgun.

Driving skills instruction will first take place on the track with the skidpad - a specially designed tool to simulate skid conditions, and the ABS/non-ABS braking area to enhance accident avoidance know-how. Next, we’ll head off-road to tackle driving on dirt terrain - maintaining control is especially important when the luxury of asphalt isn’t beneath your wheels. Rounding out the course will be 4x4 obstacle challenges, including steep ascents and descents, tipping points, and more - knowing what your recovery tools are and how to deploy them will keep you moving forward in any terrain.

Our unique Resilience Behind the Wheel course takes you beyond highway driving and plummets you into a challenging, fast-paced, physically and mentally demanding experience. Fail fast and accelerate to a new level. Decisive action and an adventurous spirit required.

Are you ready to get off-road and get REAL Behind the Wheel?