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Hurricane. Wildfire. Earthquake.

Regardless of the circumstances, you’ve got to get out. The roads are impassible, jammed with others. What do you do? Where do you go? What do you take with you? What skills do you have to ensure the safety and survival of you and your family?

Join the REAL team and find out.

During this all-inclusive five day experience we will work as a team to build your resiliency, confidence and skills. Centered around the beautiful Moab, Utah area you will be assigned as part of a challenging four-wheel drive vehicle adventure crew. Along the route, you’ll learn new skills and encounter and respond to various situations, based on travel in a semi-permissive environment following a disaster.

Learn to drive and navigate in off pavement conditions; to recognize and overcome obstacles; to ensure your vehicle continues to operate in austere conditions; to navigate without digital tools; to survive with minimal resources; to defend yourself and others with and without firearms and to provide trauma care when someone is severely injured.

Return to civilization at the end of the week with a bold and valuable new skill set, having increased your confidence and built a resilient mindset that will allow you to survive and thrive regardless of what’s thrown at you.

Your team leaders and instructors consist of coaches and mentors who have survived and thrived in these environments, including:

Ken Cameron, lead REAL Mobility Instructor, has over 30 years of expeditionary off-road training and racing experience. An experienced Camel Trophy Veteran, he was 2nd place overall, and accomplished the 1st ever East-West 4WD Crossing of Borneo in 1996 and continued with Camel Trophy until 2000. Ken has also mapped over 1300 miles in Mexico creating the first-ever road book for a Baja event for the National Off Road Racing Association. A former US Army infantryman, he and his select team of instructors now provide their experience to military special operations teams and federal law enforcement agencies since 2001. Ken is also a certified Emergency Medical Technician.

Greg Walton, lead REAL Tactics and Skills Instructor, has over 30 years of combined military, law enforcement and off-road expedition experience. A US Army combat veteran with desert navigation and survival experience, he also equipped, trained and led high-risk FBI tactical teams in both urban and rural environments. Combined with his passion for off-road expedition planning, travel and navigation, Greg and his team of experienced instructors will ensure you receive the skills and confidence you need to thrive.