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You are thrust into a crisis. Your heartbeat is the only sound you hear. How will you react? You have to get out. Your adrenaline is pumping. Are you resilient enough to adapt on the move?

Building resilience is what our REAL experiences are all about. Resilience allows you to face a crisis, take action, and recover quickly. Our scenario-based training induces stress and requires active risk-taking. You will practice taking decisive action when everything around you is in turmoil. “Learn by doing” without serious consequence or judgment as our REAL Team takes you through the building blocks to fortify your security, limit your exposure, drive fast but safe and reinforce your path to resiliency.

The first part of the course involves navigating mobile landscapes. Whether driving at high speeds on wet highways or back roads during an emergency - we’ll engage every process of overcoming challenges in our high-stakes driving scenarios both on and off the track. You’ll build intuitive vehicle handling skills, enhance your safety through obstacle avoidance, and become an expert at getting yourself anywhere, no matter the road condition. By the end, you’ll drive off with the confidence to rally when things go bad - feeling unstoppable while having a blast with our REAL Team riding shotgun.

The second part of our course is Secure the Home. Understanding how your home looks to a target is just as important as understanding the ways to detect and deter an intruder. Because the winner is often the one who avoids the fight, we’ll work through the steps to harden your home as a potential target so the threat moves on to easier prey. You will also have a blast on the range with firearms familiarization, safe handling, and defensive movements. Then we’ll put your skills to the test in everyone’s favorite: the shoot house with reality-based scenarios from most likely to most dangerous with casualty care instruction for when you’re in charge of a medical trauma. Walk away with the knowledge and an actionable plan to proactively strengthen your base of operations, aka your home.

The unique landscape of the O’Gara training facility allows us to get you outside of a classroom and into the thick of survival training. On the go while building confidence. Reinforcing your survival mindset and tapping into your self-reliance when havoc arises. Navigating crises like a champ whether at home or on the road.

Protecting and safeguarding ourselves, our families, our business - it’s what we’re called upon to do as leaders in life. Our REAL Team instructors are ready to put you to the test - do you have what it takes to adapt and overcome with dual resiliency in any landscape?